Riga Symphony 08-13 December, 2020     

The Riga Symphony festival gathers talented and professional performers from all over the world to participate in a high-level vocal competition. The festival is held as a celebration of singing and vocal creativity of young people, as a creative meeting of managers and specialists to exchange experiences and establish business and creative relationships. See the Regulations for the competition on this page.


  • World hit – pop and jazz music
  • The song of Latvian compose
  • Author’s and original song
  • Folklore and folk song
  • Academic vocal
  • Choral and ensemble music
  • New category: Vocal Battle the Best of the Best – The best of the best – Diamond voice of Riga Symphony !


Separately, there is a category “The roots of the talents of our children” – for talented singing parents. Here pieces can be performed as a solo-duet-ensemble of parents, or together with children.

Age categories for solos, duets, and trios:

  • 5 – 7 years old
  • 8-11 years old
  • 12-14 years old
  • 15-17 years old
  • 18-25 years old

Nomination Choral and Ensemble Music are divided into 2 different age categories:

  • younger – the average age of participants is under 13 years old and
  • older – the average age of participants is 14 to 25 years.


Organization of the festival.

The Riga Symphony competition consists of 2 parts.

First Part – Submission of applications and listening by the jury until 01 October.

To apply for listening you need to:

1) fill in the questionnaire on our official website: (if you cannot fill out the questionnaire and attach all the files, contact the Organizing Committee. They will respectfully help you);

2) pay the registration fee of 45 € to the Festival. After that, the Organizing Committee and the Admissions Committee will start working with you.

The Commission meets every two weeks. The commission listens to the contest work submitted by you and gives recommendations on the preparation for the competition and on the repertoire.

If you are a happy owner of a Certificate – an invitation to participate in the Final and you have already been listened to, then you still need to fill out a form and send in a scan of the Certificate.


The second part – Finals of the competition from 11-14 December – Riga, Latvia.

Please note the date and time of the first competitive performance – beginning on 11 December at 9:00 am. Accreditation and sound check will begin at 8:00 am on 11 December. In addition, on 14 December at 22:00 the Gala concert concludes the competition.


Therefore, please correctly calculate the time of your arrival and departure at the FESTIVAL.

Participation in the Riga Symphony Festival is ONLY by invitation, which will be sent if you have passed the selection. The finalists of the competition, no later than 15 October, will individually receive from the festival Organizing Committee an official invitation to participate in the finals of the competition in Riga (Latvia).


Technical requirements

Each contestant performs one work in one nomination and is obliged to send a phonogram minus no later than 10.10.2020. (A backup version in MP3 format must be carried with you on a memory card.) Soloists are allowed to have recorded backing vocals in the phonogram, as well as it is allowed to have a main voice in refrains, but only if the soloist improvises. The phonogram recorded with the main vocal part in the couplets is to be removed from the competition, and the contestant will be disqualified.

The duration of the contest work should not exceed 3:00 min. If the time limit is exceeded, the song will be mixed!



– failure to comply with these requirements may lead to disqualification of the participant!

In the Academic vocal category, a competitor performs two diverse works accompanied by acoustic accompaniment or a’Capella. You can bring your own accompanist or ask the Organizing Committee to order one for you for an additional fee.

In the World Hit category, as in other categories, when performing popular works, one’s own reading and creative approach is encouraged, rather than simple imitation.

The category Author’s original song supports new unknown works for children and teenagers.

In addition, in this category, each composer can establish his/her own award for the best performance of his/her work. (The application from the composer must be received before 01 September to the Email of the festival)


So already this year, composer Elena Lorena Schwilpe (Елена Лорена Швилпе) will single out one of the best performers of her own written works.


Attention: This year, a new category has been introduced:

 The best of the best – Diamond voice of Riga Symphony!


Here ONLY winners of the Riga Symphony Festival of past years (Gold Symphony winners (first place) and the Grand Prix) can apply for participation. Participants will compete in the vocal arts and fight for the title “Diamond voice RIGA Symphony”. This is the only award for the whole Festival.

Contestants need to prepare one work of any genre, where the performer’s vocal abilities are especially pronounced. If the jury request follows, the contestant must be able to perform an a’Capella fragment of a folk song and show his/her favourite singing warm-up.


Competition jury.

 The jury members are professional and highly qualified specialists in the field of children’s and youth creativity from different countries, organizers and producers of festivals and competitions, as well as leading TV and radio programs about music.

Evaluation criteria: purity of intonation and sound quality, performance skills, compliance of the repertoire with the performance capabilities and age category of the performer, and stage culture.

Each nomination is evaluated by a separate jury, corresponding to the category. Voting is open. The average mark plus the Favorite of the jury . There is a live on-line broadcast to the entire world.

The fight for the Grand-Prix takes place directly at the Gala Concert and the contestants – candidates for the Grand-Prix are evaluated by a completely new and independent jury that has not seen the performances and is not familiar with the contestants. The jury names the Winners in each category and the overall Festival Winner.

After your competitive performance, you have the unique opportunity to meet each member of the jury. Don’t miss this opportunity!



All participants of the competition will compete in each age category for the golden, silver and bronze Symphony Award and Diploma;

For the Diamond voice award of the Riga Symphony (one for the festival);

For the composer award (one for the festival).

For the The roots of the talents of our children (one for the festival).


Grand-Prix nomination:

Each category has its own Grand Prix , total of 6 :

  • World hit – pop and jazz music
  • The song of Latvian compose
  • Author’s and original song
  • Folklore and folk song
  • Academic vocal
  • Choral and ensemble music


The Grand-Prix of the whole Riga Symphony Festival (€ 1,000) will be awarded to the best and brightest festival participant, regardless of their category.

Grand Prix candidate can be nominated once and only in one nomination.

Each participant receives a festival participant diploma and a nominal cup, a medal in accordance with the results and a souvenir. The person who prepared the participant for the competition receives a letter of appreciation. There are special prizes and awards from producers.


Payment order.

The term for full payment is 01 November

First round of competition – performance assessment of the applied song and jury evaluation in the selection of contestants for Riga Symphony 2020 competition. Registration fee in amount of 45 euros must be paid simultaneously with the filling the participation questionnaire. Otherwise, you will not be registered in the database of applicants for participation.

Fee for participation in the international final in one category:

  • Solo – 70 Euro
  • Duets – 100 Euro
  • ensembles and groups with 3-4 participants – 150 euros,
  • ensembles and groups from 5-10 participants – 200 euros.

Payment for support dancers on a stage is 5 euros per person (maximum amount if dancers per performance is 6 people).

Participants can participate in several categories (with one work in each), subject to payment.

The cost  accreditation at the festival 08.12-12.12.2020 is:  260 euros per person.

!!!!!!!!! Accreditation at the Riga Symphony Festival includes:

  1. Competitive performance on the professional stage with high-quality sound and light.
  2. The back of the stage is equipped with LED screen.
  3. A personalized business card and video series were prepared for the participant for 3 minutes.
  4. Live broadcast of competitive performances to all countries of the world.
  5. Highly professional jury members.
  6. There is a possibility of personal communication with jury members and receiving creative recommendations after the competitive performance.
  7. Every evening program and events for exchanging contacts and strengthening friendship.
  8. When awarding – getting a personalized author’s cup, medal, and diploma.
  9. Money Prizes – to the holders of  six Grand Prix.
  10. Additional concert performances and their on-line broadcasts.
  11. Red carpet and Gala concert in the best concert hall in Riga, TV broadcast and production by the best directors of Latvia.
  12. The possibility to meet in person and receive invitations from world producers.
  13. Memorable gifts and souvenirs.
  14. Accommodation in Radisson Hotels with breakfast provided at 2-3 local accommodation. For single occupancy a surcharge of 20 € per day.
  15. Excursion with a guide (3 languages) in Old Riga.
  16. Tickets for all concerts and events of the Festival.
  17. Tickets for all workshops and Creative meetings.


The price does not include:

invitation for visa (15 Euro),

On the dates of the festival, accommodation must be booked through the festival organizers.

This is one of the mandatory conditions for participating in the festival (except for citizens of Latvia).

Please note that the payment term is 01 November.


If payment for participation is made later than 01 November, then participation in the competition will cost an extra 50 euros! In addition, all other changes after 01 November will be made at an additional cost of 50 euros. Therefore, be careful and correct.

You need to specify in the reason of payment: name and surname of the participant, (age), for participation in the festival Riga Symphony.

Example – Ivanova Marija (15) for participation in Riga Symphony




Registration number: 50008071821

Address: Skolas 34, Riga, Latvia


Account number: LV52RIKO0002013006801,


Address: Skanstes 12, Riga, LV – 1013



Reg. No.: 50008071821

Address: Skolas 34, Riga, Latvia


Account Nr: LV52RIKO0002013006801




If the participant does not take part in the competition , payment for participation is not refundable .

Contest’s phonogram

Please note that the allowed lenght of the song is max 3 min!!!!!!!!!

We kindly ask you to name the file and the e-mail subject according to the festival’s regulation. Please name the email in the following way: participants name, surname, name of the song. Please name the file in the following way: SURNAME_NAME_NAME OF THE SONG_NOMINATION.

For example, Smith_Adam_HURT_WH.mp3.

For nomination codes please follow the following short forms:

WH – World Hit and Jazz

A -Academic vocal song

LV-Latvian composer song

OS -Original Song

F – Traditional or a Folk song

DV – The best of the best – Diamond voice of Riga Symphony

H – Choir and ensemble music

SP – The roots of our talented children – singing talented parents.


Visa application


To issue an invitation for a visa (Schengen), you must to send data in Latin letters:

Name, Surname – exactly as in passport

Date of birth

Place of birth (city, country) Citizenship

Residence registration (in the registration, in addition to the address itself, specify the country and city).

Transfer the cost of registration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia for the bank account of the festival (15 euros per person).

After registration of the invitation, the Organizing committee will send you its number.

You need to apply with this number to the Latvian embassy (consulate) in your country for a visa issue.

For accompanying parents, it is necessary to send a scanned birth certificate of the child in Russian or English!


It is allowed to film only with mobile phones without flashlights.

Filming with other technology is allowed only with accredition.
Fine 150 euros