Summer Symphony



Festival “Summer Art Symphony” 03-05.June 2022

– is a holiday for the whole family, where talented young people from Latvia, the Baltic States and all over Europe are invited to participate. This is a unique opportunity to gain international experience and contacts, as well as improve your skills and abilities. We are looking for new talent and giving them the opportunity to show themselves to producers, mentors and experienced professionals in the performing arts and culture industry.


European Center of Music for Youth – ECMY


  • PRINCE & PRINCES Summer Art Symphony


The festival is open to soloists and groups aged 4 to 25+, students of music and art studios, choreographic groups, creative centers, fashion theaters, music schools, amateur and amateur groups.

Organizing a festival

The Summer Art Symphony Festival consists of 2 parts.
Part One – Submission of applications and hearing of the jury.
To apply for a hearing, you must:
1) fill in the form on our official website: (If it was not possible to fill in the questionnaire and attach all the files, contact the organizing committee. They will be happy to help you);
2) to pay a registration fee of 45 € to the festival account. The organizing committee and the admissions committee will then start working with you.
After filling in the questionnaire, you can edit it in your personal account and even change the soundtrack until 15.05.2022.
If you are the lucky holder of the Certificate-Invitation to participate in the Final and have already listened, then you must fill in the questionnaire and send the Certificate scan, pay 45 €. Your Certificate will be taken into account when preparing the total invoice.
The second part – The final of the competition 03.-05.2022. – Riga, Latvia.
Out-of-competition performances



  • Special award from composer Ye L. Shvilpe for the performance of the composer’s author’s song. One prize for the whole festival.


5-7 years
8-11 years old
12-14 years old
15-17 years old
18-25 years
Participants – soloists, duets, trios, collectives, can apply for one or more nominations. Vocalists perform the song with the phomogram “-1”. Dancers are allowed during the performance. The nominations are expected to read and be creative in performing popular works. Each contestant performs one piece in one nomination. The backup version of the phonogram in MP3 format must be included on the flash drive. Soloists are allowed to record a backing vocal in the phonogram, and in choruses they are also allowed the main voice, but only if the soloist improvises. A phonogram recorded with the main vocal parts in the articles will be excluded from the competition and the participant will be disqualified.
The duration of the competition piece must not exceed 3:00 minutes. If the time limit is exceeded, the song will be mixed!

Nomination 25+ “Roots of Talent” –

singing talented parents. Here you can perform a piece in a parental solo, duet, ensemble; both with children. One prize for the whole festival.

Out of competition program-

-It is also possible to participate in the out-of-competition program with a concert number.

In the world hit nomination,

as in other nominations, your reading and creative approach, not just copying, is welcome in performing popular works.

Author’s original songs in the nomination

new unknown works for children and adolescents are supported. Also in this nomination, each composer can establish his / her own award for the best performance of his / her work. (application from the composer must be sent to the festival e-mail). Composer Jelena Lorena Švilpe will highlight one of the best performers of her compositions.

The best of the best – Diamond Voice

Nomination Diamond Voice – One prize for the whole festival
Only the winners of the RIGA SYMPHONY festival, Summer Art Symphony and previous years’ Art-PLATFORM (first place and Grand Prix winners) can participate. Participants in this nomination must send a scanned copy of the diploma to the festival email ( when completing the application form. This award is unique to the whole festival. Contestants must prepare one work of any genre, in which the performer’s vocal abilities will be especially pronounced. If the jury so requests, the contestant must be able to perform a fragment of the folk song a’Capella and show their favorite song.


Participants – soloists, duets, trios, collectives, can apply for one or more nominations. Performance lasts up to 4 minutes.


-People’s choreography (world folk dances)
-Stylized folk dance (dance based on acionic choreography, using different styles and genres, the musical material of which can be folk music in different arrangements)
-Classical choreography
-Children’s dances (4-7 years)
-Modern choreography (jazz, modern, contemporary, neofolk, modern plastic, step, etc.)
-Variety dances (street dances, breaks, disco, hip hop, club dances, etc.)
-Ball dance (dance numbers in stage processing based on ball choreography elements)
-Sports choreography (rhythmic, artistic gymnastics, acrobatics, artistic sports – in the form of demonstration numbers)


5-7 years
8-11 years old
12-14 years old
15-17 years old
18-25 years


Participants demonstrate the author’s clothing collection on a free theme. Room duration up to 5 minutes. Participants can submit one or more collections.


5-7 years
8-11 years old
12-14 years old
15-17 years old
18-25 years


The festival traditionally hosts the Princ & Princess Summer Art Symphony competition for style, image and beauty.
1. Exit is a representation of a business card. The participant must introduce himself in the original uniform – style of clothing – casual
2. Exit- pass-style clothing national costume
3. Exit – creative number
4. Exit-pass style dress evening dress
The participant receives a crown, a ribbon, a diploma for membership, a gift


Seats and prizes are awarded to participants in each nomination and age group based on the points obtained by all members of the jury.
All entrants in each age group will compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Symphony prizes and diplomas;
For the high Diamond Voice Award (one for the festival);
For an award from the composer (one for the festival).
For the Roots of Talent Award (one at each festival).
In case of equal points, the jury has the right to award the same prizes to two or more participants in each nomination and age category.
GRAND PRIX is awarded to the winners of all nominations.
The entire SUMMER ART SYMPHONY Grand-Prix of the festival (€ 500) will be awarded to the best and brightest participant of the festival, regardless of the nomination.
The jury has the right not to award the GRAND PRIX title if the participants have not obtained the maximum number of points.
The competition jury, in agreement with the org. for special merits the commission may award special prizes to the festival participant.


The international jury includes producers, composers, leaders of creative groups and organizations, cultural and artistic workers, designers, magazine editors, popular and famous representatives of the show industry and fashion.


The phonogram is submitted at the same time as the questionnaire, the vocals should not exceed 3 minutes and the limit specified for other categories. Exceeding the specified limit will not be accepted.
Please note that in order to avoid force majeure, the phonogram must be in the contest, flashed, without any other recordings, and the file must be named SONG_CATEGORY_NAME_NAME_NAME. Please be responsible for recording phonograms for performances, check the quality.
Example: Saule_Marija_Believer_D.mp3
File name abbreviations used:
WH – world hits
F – traditional or folk song
LV NL – a song by a Latvian composer
OS original song
DV – The best of the best – Diamond Voice
SP – The roots of our children’s talents – singing talented parents.
D – for dancers
M – for fashion theater
The technical requirements for the performance (number of microphones, stands, props) must be agreed with the organizers when submitting the application.


Official competition language: Latvian, English.
Participants come to the festival accompanied by their parents or guardians, who are fully responsible for their participant’s behavior and bear full responsibility for him.
Expenses related to the arrival and stay of the participants shall be borne by them.
The organizers of the festival have the right to make videos and photographs, store, use and record during the festival.
The festival will be broadcast live on YouTube channel RIGA SYMPHONY and will be professionally filmed with 3-4 cameras. It can be obtained separately in the best quality by pre-ordering and paying 25 €.
A participant may participate in several competitions and nominations for a fee (each with one performance) and submit an application for each nomination or competition separately.
Org. the commission has the right to terminate the acceptance of applications before the deadline if the number of participants in the nominations has been exhausted.

Terms of payment

Payment term – 01.05

Payment for the first round of the competition: listening to the participants’ video performances and evaluation of the jury for the selection of the participants of the competition –

45 euros must be paid at the same time as filling in the aplication form /. Otherwise, membership will not be registered in the database.
If the participant does not participate in the competition, the deposit will not be refunded.

Payment for the second round of the competition, for participation in the international final in one nomination:

•Accommodation (June 03-05, 2-3 bed accommodation) in a Radisson hotel – 85 € with breakfast per person
•Solo – 75 euros
•Duet – 100 euros
•Ensembles and groups with 3-4 participants – 150 euros,
•Ensembles and groups from 5-10 participants – 200 euros.
•Opportunity to participate in the out-of-competition program with a concert number – 70 euros
•Membership in Princ & Princess of Summer Art Symphony  65 €
•Professional video recording 25 euros
•Participation of one dancer in a solo vocal room – 5 euros (no more than 6 on stage)
!PLEASE NOTE ANY CHANGE IN THE APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION AFTER 01.05. – 20 euros (changes are not possible after 15.05)
Participants pay the festival fee for each nomination and each competition separately, describing in detail the purpose of payment for which competition or all nominations or competitions in one payment.
Saule Marija (15), Summer Art Symphony, Vocal Nomer 3996

Details for payment

European Youth Music Center ECMY
Registration number: 40008244950
Address: Skolas 34, Riga, Latvia
Account number: LV89RIKO0001080145495
S.W.F.T. Code: RIKOLV2X,
Bank address: Skanstes 12, Riga, LV – 1013
Information about tickets to the Gala concert:
Anyone who wants to celebrate with us can buy a ticket on the spot.
1. All accredited participants have a free street to deal with the concert and the white ball.
2. all participants from Latvia and 1 teacher – free entrance.
3. Talented children from large families, with special needs, orphans and children from boarding school – admission free.
Organizers may postpone festival dates depending on the epidemiological situation.
If the Festival is canceled – the payment in this case will be refunded, minus the organizational expenses.
If a participant does not participate in the competition for his own reason, the deposit will not be refunded.
If the participant does not participate in the competition, the deposit will not be refunded.

Useful information.

Please note that before arriving at the competition, you must evaluate the current situation with the restrictions announced by the Government of the Republic of Latvia for the events and their participants in relation to Covid-19. By completing the questionnaire, you agree to abide by national epidemiological regulations for attending the event.
A Covid-19 certificate must be presented at the event stating that the visitor (including children over 12 years of age) has completed a full course of vaccination against Covid-19 or has been ill with Covid-19 in the last 6 months. The certificate can be downloaded from An identity document and a valid ID must be presented at the event. Please arrive at the event in time.