Service Provision and Returns Policy



This is our company’s “Service Provision and Returns Policy”, which establishes rules and procedures regarding service provision and product returns.
Service Provision

During service provision, we will do everything possible to ensure high quality and meet customer needs.
Our goal is to provide accurate and timely service, respecting the customer’s wishes and requirements.
To guarantee effective service provision, we will adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.

Product Returns

In the event of product returns, the customer must receive appropriate payment confirmation, and the product must be returned in the same condition as it was received.
Returned products that do not meet the specified conditions or are damaged may be rejected or subject to a corresponding reduction in the refund amount.
The costs of product returns and responsibility for the safety and condition of the product during transportation are the customer’s responsibility, unless otherwise specified in writing.

Compliance with the Policy

This policy applies to all customers and is valid in all cases of our service and product provision.
The company reserves the right to review or change this policy at its discretion, by announcing such changes on its website or other public information sources.

This “Service Provision and Returns Policy” is intended to ensure a clear and understandable collaboration system between the company and its customers. This policy is used to protect both the company’s and the customers’ interests, ensuring fair and responsible service provision and product return processes.